About Community Utilities


Being established in 2017, you wouldn’t be wrong in saying that we’re relatively new, but our experience in the sector runs deep. As part of the Amber Enterprise Group, we have over a decade’s worth of industry experience working with property operators and delivering solutions to long-running issues.

Community Utilities was designed with the build-to-rent market in mind. Working with building operators, we kept hearing the same complaints time and again. Different people, different companies, same problems.   

We’re taking a different approach, one that starts from the ground up and re-thinks the traditional way of doing things. Not only does this solution answer the utilities problems that building operators within the build to rent space face, it delivers an improved service to their residents. Community Utilities is more than just electricity, gas and water. We deliver a low-hassle, low-maintenance, easy to understand utility experience that isn’t like anything you’ve seen before.