Victory Plaza

Community Utilities provides residents at VICTORY PLAZA with a single bill for their Electricity, Heat, Hot Water, cold water and waste water

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About Victory Plaza

In the heart of East Village soars Victory Plaza, the newest addition to the E20 neighbourhood, opening in May 2019. This stunning architectural landmark offers 482 high-quality one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments across a podium and two towers, with views across Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park towards London’s iconic skyline. Premium in nature and beautifully designed for living, it’s where people come together.

It was natural then for Get Living to provide Community Utilities for residents, as a premium solution that frees up their time to step back, relax and call Victory Plaza 'home'.

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What does the tariff look like?

This is the boring stuff, so we’ll make it simple.

We’ve fixed your prices until 30th September 2019, so you won’t face any price rises during this time.

You pay different unit rates for your gas and electricity as well as a standing charge. The costs are detailed in the table below. 







(Plus VAT at 5%)






(Plus VAT at 5%)

So, how does what you’re paying compare to other suppliers?

Great question! Essentially, we’ve secured you a tariff that’s better than anything you could have found on a switching site.

We compare against all the major suppliers who have a 1% market share to give you the very best value.

There may be tariffs from smaller suppliers which could be cheaper, but in 2018 we saw 12 suppliers abruptly stop trading. These deals often are too good to be true, and although there could be short term benefit, it can turn into a lot of unnecessary hassle.


How we compare

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Based on OFGEM Low Typical Domestic Consumption Values

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 How much will my bills be?

Thanks to smart meters, we’ll only ever bill you for what you’ve used – based on the prices listed in the table above. That means that you’re entirely in control over the price of your bill.

If you need any tips on being more energy efficient, then our team are always on hand for pointers.

For a rough example of what we think you’ll be paying each month, we’ve broken it down by size of apartment.

Remember: these are only estimates – your actual usage may be cheaper or more expensive.





1 bed



2 bed



4 bed



We regularly check in on your account to make sure you’re paying the right amount so that you aren’t wildly over or under-paying.

Most people like to pay the same price all year round to make budgeting easier. This tends to build up credit during the summer months, which then gets eaten into during the winter.

When you’re in credit with us, we try and make it count by giving you 3% interest! You can claim it back whenever you want, you just have to let us know.