How does it work?


How does it work for residents?

The mechanism behind Community Utilities is straightforward, but it goes against the old way of doing things. Instead of adding your utility costs to your rent, or letting each resident be responsible for choosing a supplier, we offer a better way.

First, we buy energy for the entire building – that’s the community side of things.

This lets us access commercial prices, so that you can benefit from cheaper energy rates that beat all the major domestic energy suppliers. We check this rate frequently, and employ clever energy purchasing to ensure you’re never paying more than you need to. No need to change supplier every year!

By fitting meters with smart technology to each apartment, you only pay for what you use – no need for us to pester you for meter readings. Finally, all your utilities come from us and are displayed on one simple bill. Not only does this make it easier to see what you’re paying, you no longer have to remember all your different suppliers. The kicker? Our customer service aims to be your utilities concierge – we offer a one on one service, with real people who want you to have the best experience possible.


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How does it work for Property Operators?

Community Utilities aims to deliver a service that improves the entire utilities experience for your residents, but we need you to agree to it early on in development. For this solution to work, we need to build it in.

All the utilities will go to your property as usual, but we’ll install submeters, off your single, large commercial meter, which will feed all of your apartments.  Effectively, this places you as the supplier. We buy energy for the entire building, through your main commercial meter and then your tenants pay for what they’ve used.

This approach means no more void costs, not having to deal with dozens of suppliers and getting an additional revenue stream by acting as the supplier. At Community Utilities we look to improve the way build-to-rent utilities are handled, getting rid of the old ways of doing things and bringing it bang up to date.

We work with dozens of property customers, from luxury rented accommodation to managing over 120,000 student beds. Our solution has been designed with the residents and property operators at the centre, finding solutions that don’t just work, but exceed expectations.

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